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Porridge Toppings

Here are our favourite toppings to add to your Pimhill Porridge:

  • Honey with chopped almonds or pine nuts
  • Dried fruit - if you add it while cooking it will plump up a little and add flavour
  • Pureed fruit - damson, rhubarb, plum, apricot or figs
  • Mixed Berries
  • Grated chocolate with chopped hazlenuts
  • Banana - on its own or with cinnamon and honey
  • Yoghurt
  • Raspberry Jam
  • Whiskey, cream and honey

And some suggestions from our customers:

  • 'Stewed apple, sweetened with honey and cinnamon. My son's is marmalade, possibly a boozy marmalade!'   Sally Hiams

  • 'On top of my Pimhill porridge, which I should say is the creamiest I have ever had, I add a big spoon of organic natural greek yoghurt, chopped toasted hazlenuts, raw cacao powder and a bit of maple syrup. Chocolate porridge, it keeps one going for hours'    Tish Farrell

  • 'Highland Nectar' This topping does it all - it takes the oats as it's leading lady, plays subtle twist after subtle twist with its constituent flavours and weaves incomparable magic for all those taking part. Your Pimhill oats would never forgive you if you were to ignore this one... Stir cinnamon and soft brown sugar into the porridge, then drizzle a dessert spoonful of Stag's Breath liqueur over the porridge in the bowl, followed by a heaped teaspoonful of Golden Syrup wound in into a spiral over the top, and finally a major dollop of double cream.'   Richard and Elizabeth Smith

  • 'I add fresh mango, pumpkin seeds, and a sprinkle of coconut, yum'  Emma Morgan

  • 'A small spoonful of good quality Christmas mincemeat stirred into a bowl of porridge tastes delicious. A little stewed apple can be added as well.'  Jenny Woods

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