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1949 - 2019: years organic

About Us

Pimhill Farm is family run, and was one of the first farms in the UK to be converted to organic in 1949.

Pimhill Farm is a mixed organic farm.

We have a dairy herd of 300 cows and we also grow wheat and oats which we sell through our mill. The mill is situated on the farm.


The Farm is run by Ginny Mayall and her husband Ian Anderson – the third generation of the Mayall family to farm at Pimhill (see Our History).

On the farm side of the business, Roger and Mick run the dairy herd, Fred and Andrew oversee the arable work and Belinda is the farm secretary.

In the mill, Tommy is our Miller; Kate and Amy pack and mix muesli, and Jacqui runs the mill office.

Ian and Ginny married ten years ago and now have a combined family of six children: Charlotte, Sophie, Geordie, Jessie, Nell and Coco.  Jessie has recently returned to the farm and is learning the ropes.  We are hopeful of another generation!

Pimhill Farm is situated on land first bought by the Lee family in 1196 from the monks of Lilleshall. The Lee family motto was “Always Mindful of the Future”, which we think is just as fitting a motto for the farm today.


   profile Cornflowers in our wheat field Young Cattle  


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