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1949 - 2019: years organic

Why Organic Produce?

Pimhill first became organic because Sam and Richard Mayall felt that it was the right thing to do for the health of their land and animals. Their conviction was not fuelled by the promise of a 'premium' market, there wasn't one in 1949. That conviction holds true at Pimhill today. 

Organic Farming: 

- Uses no synthetic nitrogen fertilisers that need large amounts of fossil fuels to manufacture.

- Develops a naturally fertile soil by rotating crops and using compost manure and clover.

- Conforms to the very highest animal welfare standards. 

- Encourages biodiversity and natural balance on the farm, in the soil and in the hedgerows. 

At Pimhill we continue to believe that how your food is grown is important to land, animal and human health.

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We've gone to great lengths to make all our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible.