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Making sure our packaging has the minimum environmental footprint possible is our absolute priority.

Where we are now and where we intend to go…

We use brown paper bags for our Oats, but because our Original Muesli includes fruit and nuts which contain oils that will leach into the paper, it has historically had some kind of lining. We have always used a PLA lining but have had to stop using this recently as we are no longer able to find a non-GM source (which is required under Organic regulations). We also understand that PLA is far from ideal anyway - we were sold it as being '100% biodegradable' when we first started, but have since learnt that it is more complicated than that - it can only break down fully in industrial composting conditions.

What we have decided to do is that as soon as our current bags are used up we will move to paper only bags for the Original Muesli. There may be some marking of the bag as a result but we feel that this risk is worth taking so that the bags can be fully recycled and compostable.

Our Apricot, Fig and Seed Muesli will also become all paper and we will be dropping the current window.

Likewise with our 5kg mini sacks. We will be discontinuing the inner liners for the mueslis.

If you have any feedback please do get in touch.