Photo Gallery

  • R Mayall and Daughter sometime ago ! Bottling milk on the farm early 1950's Richard Mayall 1950's 5 Generations of Pimhill Sarah
  • One of the original Ayrshire cows William eats the 5kg because you have to get your priorities right if youre going to be Prime Minister Guss dad buys a 5kg bag because Beckham is too old to be captain now Hand Packing
  • Stooks with Pimhill Barn in background Harvest time Young cattle on the farm Cornflowers in our wheat field
  • Anna buys the 5kg bag because she has four children Brian buys the 5kg bag because Sue needs competition Coco in wheat with cornflowers and poppies 2006 Lucy buys 5kg for Felix because less packaging ticks her boxes
  • Liz buys the 5kg bag because her guests love it with blueberries and yogurt Lewis is off to uni and Lorna buys him the 5kg bag so that at least she knows hes not eating MacDonalds for breakfast Ready for Milking 1930's Reg buys 5kg because its earthy. Good food good price
  • Val buys the 5kg bag because theres no point pussyfooting around if youre a home baker Early milk deliveries Fred Richard Mayall a leaping 1970's
  • Sam Mayall at the West Midlands Show Sam Mayall (on right) with neighbours 1926