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5kg sack β€” £18.80

Groats are the whole, hull-less oat kernel.

These are often used to thicken and add texture to stews, soups and breads.

To make a delicious, thick porridge soak the Groats overnight then cook on a low heat for about 20 – 30 minutes.


When you purchase one or more 5kg mini-sacks you can fill your box with up to 3 smaller bags of our products with no extra delivery costs.

Max. of Γ—2 MAIN ITEMS and Γ—3 BOX FILLERS per box. Min. of Γ—1 MAIN ITEM per box.

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Main item
Main item
Box filler
Box filler
Box filler

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You can add up to 3 smaller packs of our products to your box, with no extra delivery costs